Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Day in School

My first daughter is in Standard One now and the second daughter is in Kindergarten.

I took off only one day, to pay the fees, make the transport arrangement and etc. I was trying to be in 2 places at the same time and practically driving my car as if in Formula 1. The school and the kindergarten is about 25 minutes drive apart. I was extremely weary and worn out by 1pm with all the running around, but was extremely satisfied and thrilled like my daughters. I also got an opportunity to see and witness dramas by some of the pupils, parents and teacher……. Some parents can really be a pain and I salute the teachers that are so patient.

Hubby is a teacher, so it was also first day schooling for him and he missed all the fun seeing our kid….

Yesterday was their second day in school and Kindergarten.

I kissed them good bye in the morning, as I was rushing to go to work, and they were still sound asleep. I reminded all that needs to be done for the children before they are off to school to my helper for the 100th time before starting the car engine. She asked me not to worry and assured all will be taken care. Such an angle…. I have trust on her and solely dependent on her now. I thank God, for sending such a wonderful and reliable person to help me out.

I called both of them at different time, after I reach office, as the school starts at 7.10 am for my first daughter and the Kindergarten starts at 8.15am for my second daughter. I called them again in the afternoon after they came back from school, again at two different times. Just to ensure they are ok and all went well.

By the time, I reached home, in the evening; they have had their dinner and were resting. Both the sisters looked tired and were kind of drifting to sleep.
When I came to see them after my prayers, both of them were already sound asleep… No night hug, no good night kiss and no bedtime stories and no update about the happening in the new school or about their new friends and teachers and etc…………… I had to hold my tears back hearing all the updates from my helper, as the children have updated her as soon as they came back home…………………

I guess this is the price I had to pay for being a working mom!!!!!! Oh! how I envy those moms that does not work…. I am not sure if I am being too emotional or if all working moms feels the same like me????

Monday, January 5, 2009



Of all the forces that have worked and are still working to mould the destinies of the human race, none,certainly, is more potent than that the manifestation of which we call religion.

The excat definition of the Sanskrit word Rishi is a seer of Mantras - of the thoughts conveyed in the Vedic hymns.

Man is man, so long as he is struggling to rise above Nature, and this Nature is both internal and external.

The mainspring of the strength of every race lies in its spirituality and the death of that race begins the day that spirituality wanes and materialism gains around.

Truths does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth, or die.

In Buddha we had the great, universal heart, and infinite patience making religion practical and bringing it to everyone's door. In Sankaracharya we saw tremendous intelectual power throwing the scorching light of reason upon everything. We want today that bright sun of intellectuality joined with the heart of love and mercy. This union will give us the highest philosophy. Science and religion will meet and shake hands. Poetry and philosophy will become friends. This will be the religion of the future, and if we can work it out, we may be sure that it will be for all times and peoples.....
To be continued