Monday, March 7, 2011

Swami Vivekananda : Human and Divine

I was telling my daughters the other day,that Swami Vivekananda likes to eat chocolate ice cream and he dislikes guavas and loves to laugh out loud. My daughters did not belief me at first but then, they got excited, and wanted to know more of Swami Vivekananda's likes and dislikes. I have to admit that I was also excited and wanted to know more of the human side of Swami Vivekananda. Therefore 'Swami Vivekananda: Human and Divine' by Sister Gargi became our reading just before we go to bed........Below are a little from the book;

There are many incidents in Swamiji's life in which he seems indeed to have been human in the sense that we are human. For instance, he could grow thunderously angry, furiously impatient; he could be deeply personal in his love, establishing a closer relationship with some than with others; he could be keenly hurt by betrayal and grieved by the loss of someone close to him; he could laugh uproariously and be extremely witty; he could be disconcertingly changeable, altering his plans at a moments notice; he had decided likes and dislikes - he had a great fondness for chocolate ice-cream and Tabasco Sauce, (presumably not together) and he dislikes guavas. Those are a few of the traits in Swamiji that seem human to us and that we find so endearing- and sometimes heartbreaking.

The above are some of the interesting notes about Swamiji, however you have to read the entire passage to experience the joy and really understand the Humanity and Divinity in HIM.

Happy reading.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday was a memorable day. My family paid a visit to the Lovely Nursing Home in PJ. We reached there at about 12.10pm. As soon as we reached, we were greeted by few of the residents in the Home. My children shyly shook hands with them. My nephews were a little uncertain on how to react, this is their first time coming to such a home. After we have exchanged greetings, we started to serve lunch. We arranged the lunch and the menu was Egg Kurma, Cabbage stir fry, Long Beans stir fry, Soya Taufu Sambal and Pampadam. My daughters insisted to serve, so I and my hubby had to assist them and many of the elders said Nandri Amma, a gesture to show their appreciation means Thank you Mother. I had to hold back my tears………..

Lovely Nursing Home house about 60 of them, and 10 of them are children. They are elders who are disable and had to use the wheel chair and some are just too old to be bothered with what was happening around them, many have to be fed as they are unable to care for themselves. Out of the 10 children only 2 are schooling as the balance does not have their birth certificate. These children are taught by the tutors that come to the home. There are 5 helpers in the home to take of this resident.

We left for home after about 1 hour. My children had many questions on why are they at the home, where are there parents of these children and etc…….. on our way back. I tried my level best to answer their curiosity.
I went home hoping my children will never forget this day knowing that there are people out there lack of love and other necessities in their live and will grow up appreciating what they have and learn to give more rather than ask. As for me, I remembered Swami Vivekananda’s quote, This is the gist of all worship – to be pure and to do good to others. He who sees Siva in the poor, in the weak, and in the diseased, really worships Siva; and if he see Siva only in the image, his worship is but preliminary.

Below are some pictures at the home. My daughter is in the third picture...


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Tamil New Year is on Tuesday next week. So what have you planned? Many would have planned to visit the temple, present new clothes and cooking a vegetarian meal comprising of 13 or maybe 15 dishes and etc. Why not for this year, plan to visit the less fortunate people than you……Who??
- orphanage homes
- old folks home
- down syndrome or also known as special children’s home
- home for the handicapped

You can get your family, sisters, brothers or friends or working colleagues to join and plan this visit. You can
- prepare/cater a meal and spend some time with them
- give them books/toys and etc
- present them clothes
- and other special event with them
and the list can go on, depending on your budget......I mean you need not spend a fortune but it is what you are willing to do that is important...

End of the day, I am sure you’ll feel more satisfied and happy spending a day with them. After all there’s no better way to start your new year felling more blessed.

Ghandiji have said 'I look only to the good qualities of men. Not being faultless myself, I won't presume to probe into the faults of others.'
Leadership means getting along with people.' There is pretty much always something good in people. And things that may not be so good. But you can choose what things to focus on.
And when you see the good in people it becomes easier to motivate yourself to be of service to them. By being of service to other people, by giving them value you not only make their lives better. Over time you tend to get what you give. So you, create an upward spiral of positive change that grows and becomes stronger.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Of all the forces that have worked and are still working to mould the destinies of the human race, none, certainly, is more potent than that the manifestation of which we call religion.

The exact definition of the Sanskrit word Rishi is a seer of Mantras – of the thoughts conveyed in the Vedic hymns.

Man is man, so long as he is strolling to rise above Nature, and this Nature is both internal and external.

The mainspring of the strength of every race lies in its spirituality and the death of that race begins the day that spirituality wanes and materialism gains ground.

Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth, or die.

In Buddha we had the great, universal heart, and infinite patience making religion practical and bringing it to everyone’s door. In Sankaracharya we saw tremendous intellectual power throwing the scorching light of reason upon everything. We want today that bright sun of intellectuality joined with the heart of Buddha, the wonderful infinite heart of love and mercy. This union will give us the highest philosophy. Science and religion will meet and shake hands. Poetry and philosophy will become friends. This will be the religion of the future, and if we can work it out, we may be sure that it will be for all times and peoples.

Who enjoys the pictures, the seller or the seer? The seller is busy with his accounts, computing what his gain will be, how much profit he will realize on the picture. His brain is full of that. He is looking at the hammer and watching the bids. He is intent on hearing how fast the bids are rising. That man is enjoying the picture, who has gone there without any intention of buying or selling. He looks at the picture and enjoys it.

I never read of any more beautiful conception of God than the following: ‘He is the Great Poet, the Ancient Poet; the whole universe is His Poem, coming in verses and rhymes and rhythms, written in infinite bliss.’

I have been asked many times, ‘Why do you use that old word, God?’ Because it is the best word for our purpose; you cannot find a better word than that, because all the hopes, aspirations and happiness of humanity have been centered in that word. It is impossible now to change the word.

Man according to the Vedanta philosophy is the greatest being that is in the universe and this world of work the best place in it, because only herein is the greatest and the best chance for him to become perfect. Angels or gods, whatever you may call them, have all to become men, if they want to become perfect. This is the great centre, the wonderful opportunity – this human life.

The doctrine which stands out luminously in every page of the Gita is intense activity, but in the midst of it, eternal calmness.

The Vedanta teaches men to have faith in themselves first. The Vedanta says, a man who does not believe in himself is an atheist. Not believing in the glory of our own soul is what the Vedanta calls atheism…..It recognizes no sin, it only recognizes error; and the greatest error, says the Vedanta is to say that you are weak, that you have no power, and you cannot do this and that.

If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished. Throughout the history of mankind, if any motive power has been more potent than another in the lives of all great men and women, it is that of faith in themselves.

The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is the atheist who does not believe in himself.

Feel like Christ and you will be a Christ; feel like Buddha and you will be a Buddha. I accept all religions that were in the past and worship with them all. I worship God with every one of them in whatever form they worship Him. I shall go to the mosque of the Mohammedan; I shall enter the Christian’s church and kneel before the crucifix; I shall enter the Buddhistic temple, where I shall take refuge in Buddha and in his law. I shall go to the forest and sit down in meditation with the Hindu, who is trying to see the light which enlightens the heart of everyone. Not only shall I do all these, but I shall keep my heart open for all that may come in the future. Is God’s book finished? Or is it still a continuous revelation, going on? It is a marvelous book – these spiritual revelations of the world. The Bible, the Vedas, the Koran and all other sacred books are but so many pages, and an infinite number of pages remain yet to be unfolded.

What is my plan? In the first place I would ask mankind to recognize this maxim – ‘Do not destroy.’ Iconoclastic reformers do no good to the world. Break not, pull not anything down, but build Help, if you can; if you cannot, fold your hands and stand by and see things go on. Do not injure, if you cannot render help. Say not a word against any man’s convictions so far as they are sincere. Secondly, take man where he stands and from there give him a lift.

Do you think you can teach even a child? You cannot. The child teaches himself. Your duty is to afford opportunities and to remove obstacles.

Swami Vivekananda

The above is the last portion of the God's Poem by Swami Vivekananda. Like me, I hope you'll find the answers to the questions that you have had all this while in your heart. I have found some of the answers and am still in search for the rest....I pray that, I not only find the answers, but also realize and practice them in my daily life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Greetings to all,
I have not been posting for some time and it is the usual reason......HAVE BEEN BUSY.... I have been trying to adjust to the new changes and challenges in 2009 and feel so guilty,every time, I think about this blog....

To succeed you must have tremendous perseverance, tremendous will.
'I will drink the ocean' says perserving soul, 'at my will mountains will crumble up'.Have that sort of energy, that sort of will; work hard, and you will reach the goal.

Swami Vivekananda preached this......This is what I keep on reminding myself. I trust, I will reach my goal with their Blessings.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Day in School

My first daughter is in Standard One now and the second daughter is in Kindergarten.

I took off only one day, to pay the fees, make the transport arrangement and etc. I was trying to be in 2 places at the same time and practically driving my car as if in Formula 1. The school and the kindergarten is about 25 minutes drive apart. I was extremely weary and worn out by 1pm with all the running around, but was extremely satisfied and thrilled like my daughters. I also got an opportunity to see and witness dramas by some of the pupils, parents and teacher……. Some parents can really be a pain and I salute the teachers that are so patient.

Hubby is a teacher, so it was also first day schooling for him and he missed all the fun seeing our kid….

Yesterday was their second day in school and Kindergarten.

I kissed them good bye in the morning, as I was rushing to go to work, and they were still sound asleep. I reminded all that needs to be done for the children before they are off to school to my helper for the 100th time before starting the car engine. She asked me not to worry and assured all will be taken care. Such an angle…. I have trust on her and solely dependent on her now. I thank God, for sending such a wonderful and reliable person to help me out.

I called both of them at different time, after I reach office, as the school starts at 7.10 am for my first daughter and the Kindergarten starts at 8.15am for my second daughter. I called them again in the afternoon after they came back from school, again at two different times. Just to ensure they are ok and all went well.

By the time, I reached home, in the evening; they have had their dinner and were resting. Both the sisters looked tired and were kind of drifting to sleep.
When I came to see them after my prayers, both of them were already sound asleep… No night hug, no good night kiss and no bedtime stories and no update about the happening in the new school or about their new friends and teachers and etc…………… I had to hold my tears back hearing all the updates from my helper, as the children have updated her as soon as they came back home…………………

I guess this is the price I had to pay for being a working mom!!!!!! Oh! how I envy those moms that does not work…. I am not sure if I am being too emotional or if all working moms feels the same like me????

Monday, January 5, 2009



Of all the forces that have worked and are still working to mould the destinies of the human race, none,certainly, is more potent than that the manifestation of which we call religion.

The excat definition of the Sanskrit word Rishi is a seer of Mantras - of the thoughts conveyed in the Vedic hymns.

Man is man, so long as he is struggling to rise above Nature, and this Nature is both internal and external.

The mainspring of the strength of every race lies in its spirituality and the death of that race begins the day that spirituality wanes and materialism gains around.

Truths does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to Truth, or die.

In Buddha we had the great, universal heart, and infinite patience making religion practical and bringing it to everyone's door. In Sankaracharya we saw tremendous intelectual power throwing the scorching light of reason upon everything. We want today that bright sun of intellectuality joined with the heart of love and mercy. This union will give us the highest philosophy. Science and religion will meet and shake hands. Poetry and philosophy will become friends. This will be the religion of the future, and if we can work it out, we may be sure that it will be for all times and peoples.....
To be continued

Friday, December 19, 2008


Let's take this opportunity to get together and celebrate and obtain HER blessings


It is Margazhi and I feel very blessed to be able to observe this again this year and it is even more meaningful as we are able to offer the Vilvam leave (form our own garden) everyday to our Lingam.

My husband and I start the morning, as early as 4.30am, with abishekam to our Lingam and chanting the 108 Potri’s. After this, we sing the ThirupaLLiyezhuchchi, for the first 10 days and followed by Thiruvembavai until the end of Margazhi.
Manikkavachakar, composed the 'Thiruvachakam' that comprises 3 works namely Thiruvembavai, Kuyirpattu and Thirupalliyezhuchi that contain 700 songs.
I am at no position to explain about these song… but they are simply beautiful and trust me, singing them and understanding what it means is very blissful. I thank my husband who taught me these songs.

As for the Lord Krishna devotees, the Thirupavai is sung, which was composed by Sri Andal.
Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, says Maasanam Margasheershoham - among the twelve months, I am Margazhi. These again a beautiful song.

So, it is immaterial if you are a devotee of Lord Siva or Lord Kirshna, or any other diety, Margazhi is special to us and gives us the opportunity to show our LOVE and pray for The Almighty’s blessings and guidance.

Below are the Thirupalliyezhuchi and Thiruvembavai for your reference.


pORRien vAzmudhal Agiya poruLE
pularn^dhadhu pUN^kazaR kiNaithuNai malarkoNdu
ERRin^in thirumugath themakkaruL malarum
eziln^agai koNdun^in thiruvadi thozokOm
chERRidhazk kamalaN^gaL malarumthaN vayalchUz
thirupperun^ thuRaiyuRai chivaperu mAnE
ERRuyar kodiyudai yAy enai udaiyAy
emperu mAnpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
Praises, Oh The Thing that is the principal for my life ! It is dawn, hailing the floral feet with alike flowers, with the glorious smile in Your Rich Face blooming grace to us, (we) worship Your Rich foot. Oh Lord shiva residing at thirupperun^thuRai encircled by the lotuses of muddy petals blooming chill fields ! Oh, Owner of the Bull raised flag ! Oh, my Master !! my Lord ! Bless getting up !!
aruNan in^ dhiranthichai aNuginan iruLpOy
aganRadhu udhayamn^in malarththiru mugaththin
karuNaiyin chUriyan ezaeza n^ayanak
kadimalar malaramaR RaNNal aN^ kaNNAm
thiraLn^irai aRupadham muralvana ivaiyOr
thirupperun^ thuRaiyuRai chivaperu mAnE
aruLn^idhi tharavarum Anan^dha malaiyE
alaikada lEpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
The red sun reached the direction of in^dhiran (east). Darkness went vanished. The dawn is up as the mercy of Your Floral Rich Face like sun is rising up; Eye like fragrant flowers blooming; And Eyeball like bees rhyming; Finding this, oh Lord shiva of thirupperun^thuRai ! Oh Mount of bliss that comes to give the wealth of grace ! Oh roaring (swaying) Ocean ! Bless getting up !!
kUvina pUN^guyil kUvina kOzi
kurugukaL iyambina iyambina chaN^kam
Ovina thArakai oLioLi udhayaththu
oruppadu kinRadhu viruppodu n^amakkuth
thEvan^aR cheRikazaR RALiNai kAttAy
thirupperun^thuRaiyuRai chivaperu mAnE
yAvarum aRivari yAy emak keLiyAy
emperu mAnpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
Shouted the cuckoos ! Shouted the hens ! Chirped the sparrows ! Sounded the conches ! Disappeared the stars ! The light, the luminance spreads in the dawn with our joy. Oh Divine ! Show Your Good ornated parallel feet, Oh Lord shiva of thirupperun^thuRai ! Oh Difficult to be understood by anybody ! Oh Simple for us ! My Lord, Bless getting up !!
innichai vINaiyar yAzinar orupAl
irukkodu thOththiram iyambinar orupAl
thunniya piNaimalark kaiyinar orupAl
thozukaiyar azukaiyar thuvaLkaiyar orupAl
chenniyil anychali kUppinar orupAl
thirupperun^ thuRaiyuRai chivaperu mAnE
ennaiyum ANdukoNdu innaruL puriyum
emperu mAnpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
One side - nice musicians of vIna and yAz. One side - R^ig and praise chanters. One side - people with chaste floral garlands. One side - worshipers, criers, people with hands that is loosing strength. One side - people with folded hands over their head. Oh Lord shiva of thirupperun^thuRai ! My Lord, Who blesses well taking me too as slave ! Bless getting up !!
pUdhaN^ga dORun^in RAy enin allAl
pOkkilan varavilan enan^inaip pulavOr
gIdhaN^gaL pAdudhal Adudhal allAl
kEttaRi yOm unaik kaNdaRi vAraich
chIdhaN^koL vayalthirup perun^thuRai mannA
chin^dhanaik kum ari yAyeN^gaN munvan^dhu
EdhaN^gaL aRuththemmai ANdaruL puriyum
emperu mAnpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
"You are present in all the Elements. One without out or in going", thus, about You, the poets praise singing and dancing, other than that we never heard anybody who saw and realised You ! Oh the King of thirupperun^thuRai of cool fields ! Oh Difficult even to think ! My Lord coming in front of our eye, cutting off our miseries, blessing ruling us ! Bless getting up !!
pappaRa vIttirun^ dhuNarumn^in adiyAr
pan^dhanai van^dhaRuth thAr avar palarum
maippuRu kaNNiyar mAnudath thiyalbin
vaNaN^guki RAr aNaN^ ginmaNa vALA
cheppuRu kamalaN^gaL malarumthaN vayalchUz
thirupperun^ thuRaiyuRai chivaperu mAnE
ippiRap paRuththemai ANdaruL puriyum
emperu mAnpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
Staying liberated, Your slaves experiencing (You), cutting off the bonds, they, many in number, worship with the human feeling that of the (dyed eyed) women. Oh the Groom of the Lady ! Oh Lord shiva of thirupperun^thuRai encircled with the cool fields blooming with red lotuses ! My Lord, who cuts off this birth blessing taking us slaves, Bless getting up !!
adhupazach chuvaiyena amudhena aRidhaRku
aridhena eLidhena amararum aRiyAr
idhuavan thiruvuru ivan avan enavE
eN^gaLai ANdukoNdu iN^gezun^ dharuLum
madhuvaLar pozilthiru uththara kOcha
maN^gaiyuL LAythirup perun^thuRai mannA
edhuemaip paNikoLum ARuadhu kEtpOm
emperu mAnpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
That, is like the taste of the fruits, like the nectar, to know difficult or simple - this even the deathless (amarar - dhEvAs) do not know, that this is His holy form, that This is He ! Graciously appearing here ruling us, Oh the One in thiru uththara kOcha maN^gai of honey breeding gardens ! Oh the king of thirupperun^thuRai ! Which is the way of owning our service, (we) would listen to that. My Lord, Bless getting up !!
mun^dhiya mudhaln^adu iRudhiyum AnAy
mUvarum aRikilar yAvarmaRRu aRivAr
pan^dhaNai viraliyum n^Iyumn^in adiyAr
pazaN^kudil thoRumezun^ dharuLiya paranE
chen^thazal puraithiru mEniyum kAttith
thirupperun^ thuRaiyuRai kOyilum kAtti
an^dhaNan Avadhum kAttivan^dhu ANdAy
Aramu dhEpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
You became the early first, middle and end. Even the trinity do not know, who else would know ! Oh Supreme, the Lady with the globe in the finger and You, who blessed coming in each old abodes of Your slaves ! Showing the Red fire like Holy body, showing the temple of thirupperun^thuRai , showing the being of Guide (the man of cool heart) (You) came to rule. Oh Nice nectar ! Bless getting up !!
viNNakath thEvarum n^aNNavum mAttA
vizupporu LEuna thozuppadi yON^gaL
maNNagath thEvan^dhu vAzachchey dhAnE
vaNthirup perun^thuRai yAyvazi adiyOm
kaNNagath thEn^inRu kaLitharu thEnE
kadalamu dhEkarum bEvirum badiyAr
eNNagath thAy ula gukkuyi rAnAy
emperu mAnpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE
Oh Great thing unreachable even for the dhEvAs of the space ! Oh the One who made us, Your humble slaves, live coming on this earth ! Oh the One in thirupperun^thuRai ! Oh the One standing giving joy in the eyes of us, traditional slaves ! Oh the Nectar from the ocean ! Oh Sugar(cane) ! The One residing in the thoughts of liking slaves ! The Soul of the world ! My Lord, Bless getting up !!
buvaniyiR pOyppiRa vAmaiyin n^ALn^Am
pOkkukin ROm ava mEin^dhab bUmi
chivan uyyak koLkinRa vARenRu n^Okkith
thirupperun^ thuRaiyuRai vAythiru mAlAm
avanvirup peydhavum malaravan Achaip
padavumn^in alarn^dhameyk karuNaiyum n^Iyum
avaniyiR pugun^dhemai AtkoLLa vallAy
Aramu dhEpaLLi ezun^dharu LAyE

Adhiyum an^dhamum illA arumperuny
chOdhiyai yAmpAdak kEttEyum vALthadaN^kaN
mAdhE vaLarudhiyO vancheviyO n^inchevithAn
mAdhEvan vArkazalkaL vAzththiya vAzththolipOy
vIdhivAyk kEttalumE vimmivimmi meymmaRan^dhu
pOdhAr amaLiyinmEl n^inRum puraNdiN^N^an
EdhEnum AgAL kidan^dhAL en nEennE
IdhE en^thOzi parichElOr empAvAy
We are singing the beginning and endless rare great Flame. In spite of listening to it, Oh the girl with sword like sharp beautiful eye, you still have not opened your eyes(sleeping). Is your ear senseless ? On hearing the praise of the perfect feet of the Greatest dEva, which sound of praise arises at the start of the street, one has forgotten herself weeping and weeping ! You as if nothing happened are turning here and there enjoying the soft flowers spread bed coolly, what a pity what a pity !! Is this your behavior my dear friend ?!
pAcham paranychOdik kenbAy irAppakaln^Am
pEchumpO dheppOdhip pOdhAr amaLikkE
n^Echamum vaiththanaiyO n^ErizaiyAy n^ErizaiyIr
chIchi ivaiyuny chilavO viLaiyAdi
Echum idamIdhO viNNOrkaL EththudhaRkuk
kUchu malarppAdhan^ than^dharuLa van^dharuLum
thEchan chivalOkan thillaichiR RambalaththuL
IchanArk kanbAryAm ArElOr empAvAy
The friends:
Whenever we talk day and night you used to say, "Our bond is with the Supreme Luminance." Oh slim beautiful girl!, but did you keep all your liking to this floral soft bed ?!
The girl on the bed:
Oh slim beautiful girls!, How can you talk (mock) like this ?
The friends:
Is it the place to play mocking each others ? Who are we ? The Luminous, the One in the world of shivam, the Lord of small abode at thillai, who blesses us giving His Floral Feet, for praising which even the celestial elements (viNNOrkaL) are scared of their qualification, to that Lord we are lovers.
muththanna veNNakaiyAy munvan^ dhedhir ezun^dhen
aththan Anan^dhan amudhan en RaLLURith
thithtikkap pEchuvAy van^dhun kadaithiRavAy
paththudaiyIr Ichan pazavadiyIr pAN^gudaiyIr
puththadiyOm punmaithIrth thAtkoNdAR pollAdhO
eththOn^in anbudaimai ellOm aRiyOmO
chiththam azakiyAr pAdArO n^amchivanai
iththanaiyum vENdum emakkElOr empAvAy
The Friends:
Oh one with pearl like charming smile ! You would come getting up early and speak in the sweet words with the heart soaked in those words saying, "My aththan, ecstasy, nectar" (praising the God). Come and open your doors !
The girl on the bed:
Oh the people with the ten great characters, the people committed to the Oldest feet of the Lord, my friends !! I being new slave, is it wrong if you correct my bad behaviors and take me to the right path ?!
The friends:
Oh dear, don't we know your love ? Don't the people of beautiful heart sing our Shiva ? Come let us get those (good qualities).
oNNith thilan^agaiyAy innam pularn^dhinRO
vaNNak kiLimoziyAr ellArum van^dhArO
eNNikko duLLavA chollukOm avvaLavum
kaNNaith thuyinRavamE kAlaththaip pOkkAdhE
viNNuk korumarun^dhai vEdha vizupporuLaik
kaNNuk kiniyAnaip pAdik kachin^dhuLLam
uLn^ekku n^inRuruga yAmAttOm n^IyEvan^dhu
eNNik kuRaiyil thuyilElOr empAvAy
The friends:
Oh the girl of charming smile! Is it not yet dawn ?
The girl on the bed:
Have all the girls of pretty parrot like voice come ?
The friends:
After counting we are telling the fact. Don't waste the time in sleep. The Medicine for the whole space, the Great declaration of vEda, the Charming one for eyes, Him, we are singing with the melting heart outpouring love. We won't (count for you wasting our time). You come and count for yourself and if it is less continue your sleep.
mAlaRiyA n^Anmukanum kANA malaiyinain^Am
pOlaRivOm enRuLLa pokkaN^ga LEpEchum
pAlURu thEnvAyp padiRI kadaithiRavAy
nyAlamE viNNE piRavE aRivariyAn
kOlamum n^ammaiAt koNdaruLi kOdhAttuny
chIlamum pAdich chivanE chivanEenRu
Olam idinum uNarAy uNarAykAN
Elak kuzali parichElOr empAvAy
Oh cheat! the girl of milky honey speech, who tells lies from the heart that we know the Mount that was not known by vishNu and not seen by brahma, come and open the house door ! The One who is difficult to be understood by the world, space and others, His form and His great deed of taking us as His slaves and caring a lot for us, that we sing and scream, "Oh shiva! Oh shivA !!" But still you never felt it ! never felt !! Oh nice plaited girl, Is this your quality !!
mAnEn^I n^ennalai n^ALaivan^ dhuN^gaLai
n^AnE ezuppuvan enRalum n^ANAmE
pOna dhichaipagarAy innam pularn^dhinRO
vAnE n^ilanE piRavE aRivariyAn
thAnEvan^ dhemmaith thalaiyaLith thAtkoNdaruLum
vAnvAr kazalpAdi van^dhOrkkun vAythiRavAy
UnE urugAy unakkE uRum emakkum
EnOrkkum thaN^kOnaip pAdElOr empAvAy
Oh deer ! You told yesterday that you yourself would come and wake us up the next day. But where did you go (today) ? Are you not ashamed ? Is it not yet dawn ? The One who is difficult to be understood by the space, earth and others, His coming by Himself to own us making us superior, singing that sky-like Great feet we have come. Reply to us. Oh flesh, melt! Let us sing the King of you, us and others.
annE ivaiyuny chilavO pala amarar
unnaR kariyAn oruvan irunychIrAn
chinnaN^gaL kEtpach chivan enRE vAythiRappAy
thennAen nAmunnam thIchEr mezugoppAy
ennAnai en araiyan innamudhen RellOmuny
chonnON^kEl vevvERAy innan^ thuyiludhiyO
vannenychap pEdhaiyarpOl vALA kidaththiyAl
ennE thuyilin parichElOr empAvAy
Oh girl ! Is it a play ? For many eternal things (amarar) He is not even thinkable. The One with nice wealth. On hearing His symbols you would open your mouth saying "shiva". Even before completing the word saying "Oh the Lord of South", you would become like the wax put on the fire. We are all saying my One, "My King, Sweet nectar" and so many other things, hear. Still are you sleeping ? You are lying like the crude hearted females. How powerful is this sleep !!
kOzi chilambach chilambuN^ kurugeN^gum
Ezil iyamba iyambumveN chaN^geN^gum
kEzil paranychOdhi kEzil paraN^karuNai
kEzil vizupporuLkaL pAdinON^ kEttilaiyO
vAziyI dhenna uRakkamO vAythiRavAy
AziyAn anbudaimai AmARum ivvARO
Uzi mudhalvanAy n^inRa oruvanai
EzaipaN^ gALanaiyE pAdElOr empAvAy
The hens started shouting, so are the sparrows. The yAz and white conches(chaN^gu) produced their sound everywhere. We are singing the Supreme Luminance, Supreme Grace and the great things, didn't you listen ? What a sleep it is, long live ! Open your mouth. Is this the way of loving the One with the disc weapon in His hand ? One who stood beyond the deluge, Him, who shares the body with the slim lady (umA) (it could also be interpreted as the Partner of poor), let us sing !
munnaip pazamporutkum munnaip pazamporuLE
pinnaip pudhumaikkum pErththum ap peRRiyanE
unnaip pirAnAgap peRRavun chIradiyOm
unnadiyAr thALpaNivOm AN^gavarkkE pAN^gAvOm
annavarE eN^kaNavar AvAr avar ukan^dhu
chonna parichE thozumbAyp paNicheyvOm
inna vakaiyE emakkeN^kOn n^alguthiyEl
enna kuRaiyum ilOmElOr empAvAy
Oh the Oldest thing of the oldest things ! The recently named latest of the newest things ! We, Your disciplined slaves, who got Yourself as our Lord, would bow down to the foot of your slaves; would become friends of them only; One like them only would become our husband; we would serve the way he likingly tells. If you, our King, bless us this way we are free from any unfulfilment.
pAdhALam EzinuN^kIz choRkazivu pAdhamalar
pOdhAr punaimudiyum ellAp poruLmudivE
pEdhai orupAl thirumEni onRallan
vEdhamudhal viNNOrum maNNun^ thudhiththAlum
Odha ulavA oruthOzan thoNdaruLan
kOdhil kulaththaran than kOyiR piNAppiLLaikAL
Edhavan Ur EdhavanpEr Ar uRRar Ar ayalAr
Edhavanaip pAdum parichElOr empAvAy
Even below the seven underneath worlds is the Beyond-words Flower of foot ! The Splendid Hair of floral fragrance is the end of all matters !! Female oneside, His Holy Form is not one. Beginning vEdhAs, even if the celestial powers and earth praise, Indescribable, that One Friend, residing in the hearts of His servants. The hara of flawless tradition. Which one is His town ? Which one is His name ? Who related and who not ? What is the way to sing Him ?!
moyyAr thadampoykai pukku mugErennak
kaiyAR kudin^dhu kudain^dhun kazalpAdi
aiyA vaziyadiyOm vAzn^dhON^kAN ArazalpOR
cheyyAveN NIRAdi chelvA chiRumaruN^gul
maiyAr thadaN^kaN madan^thai maNavALA
aiyAn^I AtkoN daruLum viLaiyAttin
uyvArkaL uyyum vakaiellAm uyn^dhozin^dhOm
eyyAmaR kAppAy emaiElOr empAvAy
The pond filled with the reverberations of the flies, bathing in that striking the water with our bud like hands singing your ornated foot, Oh Great, your traditional slaves, we lived. Oh Red one like the fierce fire ! Oh White Ash smeared Rich ! The Lord of the fragrance of the Lady with nicely dyed, well formed eyes and small vulva. Oh Great, in your play of blessing by taking as slaves, the way people get rescued we all got rescued off. Save us.
Arththa piRavith thuyarkedan^Am ArththAdum
thIrththan n^aRRillai chiRRambalaththE thIyAdum
kUththan ivvAnum kuvalayamum ellOmum
kAththum padaiththum karan^dhum viLaiyAdi
vArththaiyum pEchi vaLaichilamba vArkalaikaL
Arpparavam cheyya aNikuzalmEl vaNdArppa
pUththikazum poykai kudain^dhudaiyAn poRpAdham
Eththi irunychunain^I rAdElOr empAvAy
The One with chaste water(river), whom we chant and dance in order to get rid of the roaring suffering of birth. The Fire Dancer at the tiny hall of nice thillai. Protecting, creating and removing this sky, world and all of us as a play, speaking the (sacred) words, the bangles tingling, the ornating snakes hissing, the bees buzzing on the decorated plait (He dances). Striking the (water in the) floral pond, praising the Golden Foot of the Lord, take bath in this nice water.
paiN^kuvaLaik kArmalarAR cheN^kamalap paimpOdhaal
aN^gaN^ kuruginaththAr pinnum aravaththAl
thaN^kaL malaN^kazuvu vArvan^dhu chArdhalinAl
eN^gaL pirAttiyum eN^kOnum pOnRichain^dha
poN^gu maduviR pugappAyn^dhu pAyn^dhun^any
chaN^gany chilambach chilambu kalan^dhArppak
koN^gaikaL poN^gak kudaiyum punalpoN^gap
paN^gayap pUmpunalpAyn^ dhAdElOr empAvAy
Because of the greeny dark kuvaLai flower, because of the fresh bud of the red lotus, because of the buzzing sound of the small-bodied creatures, this brimming pond appears, with the arrival and taking refuge of those who want to wash away their impurities, like our Lordess and our King. Jumping into this pond of lotus floral spring with our conches roaring, anklets clinging each other, breasts booming, bathing pond booming, swim in the pond.
kAdhAr kuzaiyAdap paimpUN kalanAdak
kOdhai kuzalAda vaNdin kuzAmAdach
chIdhap punalAdich chiRRam balampAdi
vEdhap poruLpAdi apporuLA mApAdich
chOdhi thiRampAdich chUzkonRaith thArpAdi
Adhi thiRampAdi an^dhamA mApAdip
pEdhiththu n^ammai vaLarththeduththa peyvaLaithan
pAdhath thiRampAdi AdElOr empAvAy
The earring dancing, worn ornaments dancing, the Lady's plait dancing, the crowd of gasps dancing, bathing in the chill water, singing the Tiny Hall, singing the Meaning of vEdhAs, singing the Being of that, singing the nature of the Luminance, singing the enclading bunch of flower konRai, singing the nature of the Source, singing the Being of the end, singing the nature of the foot of the Lady who brought us up, bathe.
OrorukAl emperumAn enRenRE n^amperumAn
chIrorukAl vAyOvAL chiththaN^ kaLikUra
n^IrorukAl OvA n^edun^thArai kaNpanippap
pArorukAl van^dhanaiyAL viNNOraith thAnpaNiyAL
pEraraiyark kiN^N^anE piththoruvar AmARum
Aroruvar ivvaNNam AtkoLLum viththakarthAL
vAruruvap pUNmulaiyIr vAyAra n^AmpAdi
Eruruvap pUmpunal pAyn^dhu AdElOr empAvAy
Now and then she utters, "My Lord", thus her mouth never relent in the praise of the glory of Our Lord ! With the mind rejoicing, never stopping long streams of tears wetting the eye, not even once coming to this world, not bowing down to the celestial powers, to the Emperor one becomes mad like this. One who takes slaves like this, that Proficient's foot, Oh girls of ornated breasts, let us sing and swim in the floral stream.
munnik kadalaich churukki ezun^dhudaiyAL
ennath thigazn^dhemmai ALudaiyAL ittidaiyin
minnip polin^dhem pirAtti thiruvadimER
ponnany chilambiR chilambith thiruppuruvam
ennach chilaikulavi n^an^thammai ALudaiyAL
thanniR pirivilA eN^kOmAn anbarkku
munni avaLn^amakku munchurakkum innaruLE
ennap poziyAy mazaiyElOr empAvAy
Earlier raising condensing the sea, appearing like the Lordess, shining and booming like the waist of Her who rules us, clinging like the clings of the golden anklet over the foot of our Lordess, appearing as a bow like Her eyebrow, like the grace She comes forward and gives first to the lovers of our Lord who is inseparable from Her who enslaved us, shower, Oh rain !
cheN^ka NavanpAl thichaimukanpAl dhEvarkaLpAl
eN^gum ilAdhadhOr inbamn^am pAladhAk
koN^guN karuN^kuzali n^an^thammaik kOdhAtti
iN^gun^am illaN^gaL thORum ezun^dharuLich
cheN^kamalap poRpAdhan^ than^dharuLuny chEvakanai
aN^kaN arachai adiyON^kat kAramudhai
n^aN^kaL perumAnaip pAdi n^alan^thikazap
paN^kayappUm punalpAyn^dhu AdElOr empAvAy
With the red eyed one, with the direction faced one, with the dhEvAs - the joy that is not present anywhere, giving that joy to us, bee eating plaited girl, the Red one who pampers us, residing and blessing in all our homes, blessing us giving the red lotus like Golden foot, Charming eyed king, the great Nectar for we slaves, our Lord, singing Him with the goodness booming bathe in the lotus floral water.
aNNA malaiyAn adikkamalam chenRiRainychum
viNNOr mudiyin maNiththokai vIRaRRArpOl
kaNNAr iravi kadhirvan^dhu kArkarappath
thaNNAr oLimazuN^gith thArakaikaL thAmakalap
peNNAgi ANAy aliyAyp piRaN^goLichEr
viNNAgi maNNAgi iththanaiyum vERAgik
kaNNAr amudhamumAy n^inRAn kazalpAdip
peNNEip pUmpunalpAyn^dhu AdElOr empAvAy
As the heaps of precious gems on the crowns of the celestial powers lose their radiance, when they go to salute the feet lotuses of the Lord of aNNAmalai, the stars fade away with their cold luminance when the one in the eye - Sun comes to remove the darkness. Being female, male, neuter, rays filled sky, earth and Being apart from all these, One who stands as the nectar for the eyes, singing His ornated foot, Oh girl, bathe in this floral stream.
uN^kaiyiR piLLai unakkE adaikkalam enRu
aN^gap pazanychoR pudhukkum em achchaththAl
eN^gaL perumAn unakkon RuraippOmkEL
eN^koN^gai n^in anbar allArthOL chEraRka
eN^kai unakkallA dheppaNiyuny cheyyaRka
kaN^gulpagal eN^kaN maRRonRuN^ kANaRka
iN^gip parichE emakkeN^kOn n^algudhiyEl
eN^gezilen nyAyiRu emakkElOr empAvAy
"The child in your hand is your own refugee", because of our fear of that adage coming to existence, our Lord, we tell you something, listen ! Let our breast not join the shoulder of somebody who is not Your lover; Let my hand not do any service other than for You; Night or day let my eye not see anything else. If You, my Lord, give us this gift, let the Sun rise wherever, what is our problem ?
pORRi aruLukan^in AdhiyAm pAdhamalar
pORRi aruLukan^in an^dhamAny chen^thaLirkaL
pORRiyel lAvuyirkkum thORRamAm poRpAdham
pORRiyel lAvuyirkkum pOgamAm pUN^kazalkaL
pORRiyel lAvuyirkkum IRAm iNaiyadikaL
pORRimAl n^AnmuganuN^ kANAdha puNdarikam
pORRiyAm uyya At koNdaruLum ponmalarkaL
pORRiyAm mArkazin^Ir AdElOr empAvAy
Praises, bless (us) Your flower of feet, the beginning !
Praises, bless Your red tendershoots, the end !
Praises to the Golden feet, the origin of all lives !
Praises to the Floral ornated feet, the pleasure of all lives !
Praises to the Parallel feet, the termination of all lives !
Praises to the Lotus not seen by vishNu and the four faced !
praises to the Golden flowers that bless us taking as slaves !
Praises ! Bathing in the mArkazi month !

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Below is from 'VIVEKANANDA SPEAKS TO YOU'. Hope you will enjoy reading this...

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life is to pay as much attention to the means of work as t its end. All the secret of success is there: to pay as much attention to the means as to the end.

The weak have no place here, in this life or in any other life. Weakness leads to slavery. Weakness leads to all kinds of misery physical and mental. Weakness is death.

This is the great fact: strength is life; weakness is death. Strength is felicity, life eternal, immortal.

Therefore I say, we require super-divine power. super-human power is not strong enough. Super divine strength is the only way, the one way out.

We only get what we deserve.
Man is an infinite circle whose circumference is nowhere, but the centre is located on one spot, and God is an infinite circle whose circumference is nowhere, but whose centre is everywhere.

A man can be of gigantic intellect, yet spiritually he may be a baby.
Religion is not in doctrines,in dogmas, not in intellectual argumentation, it is in being and becoming; it is realization.

The wicked see this world as a perfect hell, and the good as a perfect heaven. Lovers see this world as full of love, and haters as full of hatred. Fighters see nothing but strife, and the peaceful nothing but peace. The perfect man sees nothing but God....

To be continued